Success Story / Prime Gaming

About Prime Gaming

The Prime Gaming Group operates several leading online gaming brands since its foundation in 2003. The group is one of the most successful in the highly competitive and saturated soft-gambling and online casino markets.

Meet the Client

The Prime Gaming group operates several leading online gaming brands. It has been established more than a decade ago. The group’s websites enjoyed a steady stream of users, due to its quality work in traffic channels of PPC, email marketing and affiliate networks.


The Snag

Inability to rank high in organic search. The reason was a simple one, Prime Gaming put very little emphasis on organic search. Their reluctance to invest in organic search stemmed from a bad experience with an SEO company. The poor performance of that said company caused Prime Gaming to turn their back to SEO as a whole, to regard it as ineffective and not worth their time, and money.


And so

The realization finally sank in – they must reach higher ranking in search engine results in order to boost their showing among potential users. Due to their PPC proficiency they were in possession of all relevant keywords and search terms, however, they never reached the top 100 ranking in most of those.

They wanted to focus on two of their brands: Prime Slots and Prime ScratchCards.


The Challenges We Faced

  • Gaining a foothold in the online gaming market, an extremely competitive and saturated one.
  • Overcoming three main types of competitors:
  • Websites of world-famous, brick and mortar brand casinos
  • Attractive, well-built gaming websites
  • Affiliates – SEO-targeted sites that provide reviews and gaming news in order to lure short and long tail traffic while providing seemingly objective information.
  • Prime Gaming sites were low on quality content, a must-have pillar in building an effective SEO strategy.


Our Strategy

Utilizing various methods to contend the array of challenges in a saturated market, while focusing on answering as many as possible user’s search quarries; casting a wide net to direct many disparate search terms to Prime Gaming’s sites.


In order to stand shoulder to shoulder with large, well-trusted brands that are recognized and ranked high by Google, we needed to improve the content quality on Prime Gaming’s sites to make sure Google recognizes them as such.


Our Tactics


  • Optimizing site authority and trust by selectively increasing amount of external links
  • Generating a wider arsenal of keywords and key search phrases to answer a broad variety of search queries
  • Using heavy-duty, self-developed monitoring and analytics tools, we followed hundreds of keywords and search phrases
  • Once detecting major changes in rankings, we cross-referenced to identify a corresponding change in search trends, usually the result of an algorithm change done by Google. Such changes were immediately answered and modified accordingly in our operation
  • Remodeling Prime Gaming sites’ architecture to increase conversion rates
  • Adding landing pages to Prime Gaming’s sites to streamline SEO efforts



  • Creating marked and focused content for the company’s landing pages.
  • Beefing up the company’s blogs with timely, relevant and interesting content aimed at providing players with added value.
  • Removing duplicate content from Prime Gaming’s sites


The Outcome

Prime ScratchCards

Achieving a near-dominance in all relevant keywords and phrases search. The initial jump was to the first page of search results, while after we have brought the brand to first place (among commercial companies) in the ‘online scratch cards’ phrase, as well as many other corresponding keywords and phrases.


Prime Slots

Succeeding in pushing the brand forward to a great extent. Previously, it did not appear in the first 100 results for dozens of relevant search terms. Following our extensive work, Prime Slots currently appears on the first page of search results for most of the leading search terms. For a competitive and saturated market, with heavy-hitters as world famous casinos, this is an achievement by any standards.


The Client’s Perspective

Both successful outcomes had a measurable effect on Prime Gaming’s revenue and online presence. The company experienced a significant growth in first-time users as well as a hefty increase in users’ spending.

Once the company witnessed the substantial increase in traffic they gained through organic search, SEO became a central marketing channel for them.

These days we continue to work closely with Prime Gaming, developing together future projects to build on the current success of our work thus far.


Finger On The Pulse, We Keep On Pushing Forward

Our experience with Prime Gaming has reinforced our belief, once again, that when organic SEO fulfills its promise of creating quality traffic, it is by far the most effective web marketing channel. Seeing that this field is perpetually evolving – due to a combination of an influx of new players and constant updates to Google’s search algorithm – no SEO agency can stay put and rest on its laurels.


Complacency has no place in this field. A brand cannot simply halt its SEO efforts once it reached a satisfactory position on the search results page. It needs an agency that keeps its finger on the ever-evolving search algorithm pulse, quickly detecting and analyzing shifts and changes to swiftly counter them and keep on pushing forward.


It is our hard-earned belief in eTraffic that we must be one step ahead of the game. We are always looking forward, thinking and planning our next five, six, seven moves, putting all the pieces together to ensure that once the game reaches that point, we have already moved ahead of it.


What do Prime Gaming say?

Our previous experience and understanding of the SEO field always resulted in great efforts with little to no ROI at the end of them. However, This premise changed shortly after we began working with eTraffic. They showed us that SEO results can be achieved in a quicker timeframe and can meet ROI goals. The road was not problem free yet eTraffic team was always responsive and knew to adjust activities and efforts to meet the never ending changes and updates.

Asaf Shachaf, Director of Product, Prime Gaming