SEO for B2B Service Breakdown

  • Onsite

    Based on a comprehensive keyword research we construct & execute a detailed plan for optimizing your website and aligning it with the offsite campaign.

  • Offsite

    Utilizing our propriety technology and applying statistical models we make sure that each link published is pushing you forward to your desired ranking.

  • Domain Authority

    For low-authority websites online competition is much harder. We provide an authority boost by creating links from high-end publications.

Our technology
gives us
an unparalleled edge

Our propriety platform allows us to work quickly and in scale. We are able to map any industry’s relevant publication landscape by location. For every new client we create a tailored segment. Our database holds more than half a million sites, analyzed for their linking-impact according to our own DS (Domain Strength) metric. Our linking decisions are made by an advanced algorithm together with our content expertise.

Our B2B SEO Process - Dynamic & Educated

We believe that effective B2B search engine optimization is comprised of meticulous onsite compatibility work and an educated offsite link-building campaign. Utilizing our in-house developed technology and statistical models we deliver timely and meaningful results.

  • 01

    Keyword Analysis

    Keyword research is the foundation of SEO strategy.
    The aim here is to understand what are the relevant search phrases for you to ‘fight’for.
    Once we have those, we construct a detailed plan of how to optimize your website and align it with the offsite activities in order to rank high for your relevant phrases and increase organic traffic to your website.

  • 02

    Website Search Engine Copatibility

    Structural / Semantic elements optimization for standards compliance, usability and accessibility; Ensuring URL structure follows navigation hierarchy in order to increase crawlability; Tactical internal linking; Reconstruction of existing content and creation of new ones to best answer specific search queries.

  • 03

    Website Exposure

    Our outreach team secures publication of content on
    with third-party sites by offering a pitch tailored to the site’s thematic focus and audience. Our pool of freelance writers is ever-growing to accommodate our diverse list of clients. Each writer is provided with a detailed pitch and actionable SEO direction. Based on our statistical models, we decide on the specific keywords to use for anchor texts.

  • 04

    Link Impact Monitoring

    We monitor every single link created on your behalf to measure its effectiveness. We continuously analyze our performance to ensure we improve month by month. When needed, we go back to the content pages on your website and make adjustments to accommodate the insights we gather along the way.

What's next?

For you, we offer an island vacation. For us, it’s back to the drawing board.