Why eTraffic?

There’s a method to the madness.

Today, all web assets need to be consolidated and managed. A strong website isn’t just about keywords, SEO or website content, web traffic or social presence: it’s about coordinating it all into one cohesive, positive and powerful online presence.

At eTraffic, we know how to evaluate your entire web ecosystem and find the best opportunities for the most meaningful, converting traffic possible.

Here’s why you should work with us:

  • 01. We’re performance-based

    There’s no better partnership than one based on a shared goal: measurable results. Our performance-based pricing means that we get paid when we meet your goals. That’s how confident we are in our process and outcomes.

  • 02. We do the heavy lifting

    SEO work requires that both client and service provider roll up their sleeves and work together. Unfortunately in many cases this causes an extra burden on the client. With eTraffic we leave only the most minimal, critical and results-driven tasks to our clients. After all, last we checked you’re the client
    and we’re the ones delivering the service.


  • 03. We deliver

    We are all about bottom-line results. We invest less time on paperwork and more on doing real work for our clients – we let the search ranking do the talking for us. Basically, we communicate what we achieved for you, not how we did it.

  • 04. We’re Technologicaly Robust

    We don’t see ourselves as just a service company, as the fancy title suggests. We use innovative proprietary technology to constantly monitor and research the SEO environment in detail.

    When we detect a need we roll up our sleeves and develop in-house monitoring and analytics tools to answer it. We call it the SEO Lab – our way to identify, monitor, explore and forecast how the market is developing. Then we use our tools and technology to devise custom web marketing strategies for our clients.

  • 05. We Get Creative

    Content is the new frontier of web marketing. We get to know our clients in-depth, a familiarity that allows us to create original content way beyond the written word. It is the merger of SEO with quality content that will set the tone from now on.

  • 06. We have the experience

    We know how to build an effective web marketing strategy and how to execute it with precision. We’ve worked with different companies, domestic and international, English and multilingual, domains of young start-ups to companies handling millions of monthly users, B2B and B2C.

    We know how to analyze the broad and the narrow, this ain’t our first rodeo.

We’re ready when you are.

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