Generate More Sales with Expert SaaS SEO Services

The more often your SaaS site appears on the first page of search results, the more traffic you receive. And if your website ticks all the right boxes, this traffic should convert into sales.

However, there are certain steps you need to take to make this possible.

eTraffic specializes in SEO for SaaS companies. We can help you achieve real results and growth using proven strategies designed to boost your organic traffic over the long term.

A SaaS SEO Agency Focused on MRR

Our in-house SaaS SEO marketing team is focused on solutions that boost your monthly recurring revenue. With a thorough understanding of your business goals, the SaaS industry, and proven SEO techniques, we will bring you more qualified leads more often. 

Our team is made up of experienced strategists, outreach and link-building specialists, as well as writers – everything you need to achieve and maintain SEO success.

SEO for SaaS: How You Benefit

As one of our customers, you can look forward to better SEO rankings and all the benefits that come with that, including:

More Organic Traffic

To generate more qualified leads, you need to drive more organic traffic to your SaaS website – one of your most important digital sales channels. Using high-volume, buyer-intent keywords, we can help you attract organic traffic that’s relevant to your offering.

More Conversions, More Often

There’s more than one way to convert a customer. Once we get a relevant lead into your sales funnel, you can use A/B testing to find out what makes potential customers tick, leading to more conversions for your company.

More Revenue

And as you attract more leads with high purchase intent, the number of trial sign-ups automatically increases. Getting leads to experience your product is a quick win, one that leads to more revenue over the long term.

The Essential Role That SaaS SEO Agencies Play

There may be a number of SEO resources available online, but knowing how to implement these tactics isn’t always straightforward. 

The software as a service space is more competitive than it has ever been, which is why search engine optimization has become such a crucial consideration.

If you want to stand out from your competitors and reach your targets more quickly, enlisting the help of an experienced SaaS SEO agency makes the most sense. 

Hiring an expert that specializes in SEO for SaaS startups means you have someone who is solely focused on boosting your rankings and sending more qualified leads your way.

SaaS Website SEO: How We Help You Grow

  • Data-Driven Strategies. We take the time to understand your product, what you hope to achieve, and what your current online position is in the market. We use this data to create a roadmap and devise a SaaS marketing and SEO strategy that will help you meet your goals.
  • Keyword Research. Knowing what combination of keywords to use helps increase the chances of the right customers finding and clicking on your site in their search results. These keywords can even be used as topics for posts on your site and social media pages.
  • Content Modeling. Where do you need to improve your existing content and what additional content could your site benefit from to achieve more growth? We can assist you with content modeling designed to produce top results.
  • Backlinking. Backlinks play a leading role in your SEO success. The better your content is, the more authoritative sites will want to link to and feature it, further boosting your rankings.
  • Reporting & Optimization. With ongoing reporting and optimization, we can help you find new ways to outrank competitors. To ensure that you have the best chance of ranking on page #1, on-page optimization is key. This includes building internal links and improving meta titles.

Our SaaS SEO Consulting Mission

We anticipate the needs of your customers so that you don’t have to.

Right from the start, our primary focus is the growth of your brand. Our passion for search engine optimization and an in-depth understanding of the SaaS space is what makes us the preferred choice as an SEO agency for SaaS companies.

Our 5-Step SEO Process for SaaS Startups

So, what can you expect as an eTraffic customer? Here is the process we follow to get your site onto page #1:

Step 1: On-Boarding

Before we start working on your site, we will want to gain a thorough understanding of your product, target audience, as well as your business goals. 

Step 2: Planning & Strategy

The next step includes gathering as much data as possible, both on your site and those of your competitors. This data is what helps us create a personalized SEO strategy for your brand.

Step 3: Recommendations & Implementation

We won’t get to work without your go-ahead, which is why we will run each of our on-page and technical recommendations past you before we start on the implementation.

Step 4: Getting to Work

With your approval, our team of SEO experts can now get to work on your site!

Step 5: Reporting & Analysis

Reporting and analysis are two of the most important steps in the SEO process. Our reporting tools highlight what is working and what needs to change to achieve bigger and better results.

SaaS SEO Service FAQs

Do I Really Need an SEO Agency for SaaS?

Ultimately, if you want to stand out in your sector, you can’t afford to ignore search engine optimization – it’s essential for steady and ongoing growth. What’s more, a SaaS SEO consultant frees up time within your marketing department, leaving your team to focus on other core marketing projects.

Can SaaS SEO Firms Really Make a Difference to My Inbound Marketing Strategy?

SEO agencies for SaaS have grown in popularity for a reason. That’s because search engine optimization plays such an integral role in any inbound marketing strategy. What’s more, B2B and SaaS SEO campaigns generate more qualified organic traffic than other channels.

It’s only once you allocate some of your budget to SEO that you realize the stark return on investment when compared to just investing in online advertising.

What Software as a Service SEO Strategies are Best for Accelerated Growth?

There is no way to pinpoint which strategies will help you achieve the most growth because this answer is different for every brand. This is where a SaaS SEO expert really comes in handy. With the help of an in-depth audit and a thorough competitor analysis, we can ascertain which strategies will help you drive the most qualified traffic to your site. Our SEO strategies are designed to cover all bases but there will always be a strong focus on the tactics that would benefit your brand the most.

What Type of SaaS Customers Do You Generally Work With?

We’re predominantly a B2B SaaS SEO agency and have worked with a number of leading brands in this space. However, we also regularly work with B2C SaaS clients too.

What Can I Expect to Pay for SaaS SEO Services?

Again, this can be a tough question to answer as SEO consulting for SaaS companies is made up of many moving parts. If we find that we only need to work on one or two pages on your site, we won’t require as much time to generate the results you’re hoping for. The opposite is true if your site is new and we need to work on more SEO elements. The overall competitiveness of your niche also carries a lot of weight, but this is something we will assess during your first introduction call.