Clients / Sim Raj

Sim Raj, a premium service provider of local Indian SIM card for tourists, is an unusual client for us, for a few reasons. First, Sim Raj both sells a product and provides a service. Second, we were involved in the operation from Day 1, defining go-to-market strategy, building the website and setting up their online operation and sale funnel.


What’s genuine about Sim Raj is the fact that they recognized a true pain point for tourists in India – dealing with Indian bureaucracy and to some extent, mentality.


At the moment, the site offers a convenience-service by taking care of the entire process and paper work for you. Their slogan is: Indian sim card for tourists and travelers by Sim Raj. They simplified it to the point that when you land in India your SIM card is waiting for you at the airport, their local staff will install in your phone and you’re done.


Just for perspective, if you attempt the process yourself it can take up to six days to get your sim activated.


Indeed, European countries and North America you can walk into any convenience store, purchase a local sim card and activate it immediately, but India has put many restrictions on foreigners having unsupervised access to local infrastructures, for reasons we won’t get into.



Online Marketing for Sim Raj

For this new site (and brand) we took a different approach than we normally do, a much more holistic one. We realized that first we need to build the reputation of brand – the actual name, Sim Raj – in order to establish a trust between the company and its clients, and have Google connect the name ‘Sim Raj’ to this specific company, and not to a relatively-active YouTube uploader from Pakistan…


We applied a combination of content marketing, paid ads on Google and of course, a very mild SEO campaign that is suitable for new domains.


Since Sim Raj gave us basically a free hand with the site’s architecture and content we were able to be very precise with our link building campaign; and in SEO precise means economical.


We are proud to report that leads started pouring in almost immediately. The prospects of Sim Raj look positive and we’re sure we can push them forward to becoming the top provider of local Indian sim cards for tourists and travelers.