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The Website

Flaskaholic is a cool & stylish site for the best hip flasks. It offers its audience current and detailed information about flasks for men, flasks for women and all the various flask types available for purchase online.


Flaskaholic is also a lively and thriving blog that features great content about alcohol and the lifestyle surrounding it. You can find there feature stories like Game of Thrones inspired cocktails, how Vegas is changing its free drinks policy and of course flask related content.


As a new player in the online flask market, Flaskoholic is looking to provide a fresh approach on how to how to assist online shoppers in their pre-purchase decision making. The site is offering an objective, bias-free information on hip flaks. For example, for personalized flasks – or engraved flasks as they are also called – Flaskaholic compiled a detailed guide that explains the different options facing the consumer and the various scenarios personalized flasks would make the perfect gift – as a souvenir for groomsmen or bridesmaids for example.


To get a feel of the brand, you can check Flaskaholic’s YouTube channel.


SEO and Content Marketing

eTraffic provides both SEO and content marketing services for It’s always a great challenge for us to help a new player break into a market already dominated by established websites.


We believe that by applying a forceful content outreach approach we’ll be able to push up the ranking and establish their dominance of their relevant industry over their competitors.


Anecdote Time

The word ‘alcohol’ has a somewhat intoxicating origin. It is believed to come from both the Arabic word Al Kol, and the Sanskrit word khola; ironically enough, both cultures that don’t consume alcohol.


The man credited with coining the English word alcohol is Ramon Llull, a 14th century alchemist and theologian. Ramon had high hopes for the beverage, believing that it was “destined to revive the energies of modern decrepitude.”