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The Company

Prime ScratchCards is an international online cluster of sites offering a wide range of scratch card games and instant win games. The websites were founded in 2005, one of the first in the world to take the popular scratch card to its modern incarnation. Players must be 18 or older, since the games are for money, just like their paper counterparts.


There are a few international websites; a UK site, French site, Australian, Belgian, and Danish ones. eTraffic handles most the websites for Prime ScratchCards.


Online Scratch Cards are considered a low-risk, enjoyable pastime activity throughout Europe and enjoy a huge popularity in the continent.


SEO Web Marketing Campaign


eTraffic has been working with Prime ScratchCards closely since 2012 providing the company SEO and content services. Our work with PrimeScratch has proven extremely successful, resulting in Prime ScratchCards’ almost complete dominance in all related keyword and phrase searches.


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Anecdote Time

The familiar silvery layer that conceal the winning (or losing) numbers on the traditional scratch card is made of latex. Even though latex can be manufactured synthetically (by a rather simple procedure of polymerising an emulsified monomer with surfactants) it is produced naturally by 20,000 species of plants, as well as several members of the fungal kingdom.

The production of latex acts as a defence system against insects. Apparently, insects harbour a distaste for latex.