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The Company is an American company established in 2007 (that’s how they managed to get their hands on such a goldmine of a domain!) Its main product is a cloud-based communications platform for SMBs, what’s better known as VoIP.


The company offers a suite of virtual communication services for small businesses and freelancers. is one of the top three leading companies in the U.S. in the cloud-based communication solution for businesses. 


Doing SEO for

When approached they knew exactly what they wanted to accomplish, or rather, what they wanted us to accomplish for them. 


As a leading brand in the virtual phone system industry, they already ranked well for many of their keywords-of-interest. But wanted to rank better, to grab the very top spots.


When we took as a client, we knew that this is the most challenging type of client – one that already ranks well and stands against established, long-running brands that have a massive online presence.


A challenge well-deserved our experience and expertise.


Getting to Work

The first thing we needed to do was figure out what are the main verticals inside this very wide industry, and cross-reference it with what people are searching online for in this space – and how we combine these findings into a coherent organic marketing strategy. 


Once we solved that, we realized there are two main clusters of keywords / search terms. We created from scratch two main product pages for the site, each optimized for a single cluster. 


The trick in building these landing pages is that they need to fulfil two separate roles: One is to support our SEO work, both onsite and offsite and second, act as product pages that convert users into customers.


Once the pages were live, we began our targeted link-building campaign for each of the product pages.