Clients / Codere

The Company

Codere is a multinational group in the private gaming sector with presence in eight countries in Europe and Latin America. Headquartered in Madrid, it is the only Spanish company in the gaming industry that is publicly traded. With hundreds of gaming halls and thousands of sports betting shops, Codere is a key brick-and-mortar player. 


Codere also has an online presence, with casino and sports betting sites for each of the countries they operate in.


Codere approached us with an ambitious plan to do SEO for ALL their websites. We decided to first start with their main site,


Doing SEO for attracted all its traffic on brand recognition. As Codere is a household name in Spain, the Codere site got users who searched for the brand.


It was a completely different story with non-branded search terms, such as online slots, roulette or even general search terms like online casino – with these, was practically non-existent, meaning, the vast majority of relevant keywords didn’t rank even in the first 100 results.


Our task was a very obvious one from Codere’s perspective – have the site rank for ALL Spanish casino-related and sports betting (apuestas deportivas España) keywords. They wanted online the same clout they hold in the offline world.


From our side, we faced a few challenges:

  1. Work in Spanish (and later on in various dialects of Spanish, for Spain, Mexico and Latin America)
  2. Work simultaneously on a very wide spectrum of search terms; not only the hundreds of keywords under the casino umbrella, with all its different table and machine games, but also the sports betting, which houses various sports, each with its own set of relevant search terms
  3. The website needed a lot of work, technically, structurally and content-wise


Getting to Work

As we always do, at first we focused our efforts doing onsite work. 


Site-wise we needed to restructure the site so each ‘cluster’ of keywords will have its own dedicated SEO-optimized, converting landing page.


Content-wise we created a dedicated page for each casino game, and for each sport. It’s one of specialities, executing well-balanced landing pages that are optimized for both SEO and users, allowing for long on-page sessions and high conversion rates – while of course ranking especially well on Google.


When we’ve ‘launched’ the revamped site, the impact was immediate, and meaningful. Almost all relevant keywords jumped into the 100, with ranks ranging between second to sixth page of search results.


We began off-site work – link building – immediately once the new site went live and the improvement in ranking continued swiftly. After just three months of link building the organic traffic to the online slots page increased by 800% and to the roulette online page by 500%. 


Six months later (at the time we are writing this) we have more than 30 search terms ranked in the first page of search results with a combined traffic potential of 50,000.


Looking Ahead

We continue our SEO work on and now added also to our portfolio, pushing strong on ALL Spanish casino-related and sports betting (apuestas deportivas México), with and coming soon.


Our goal is to bring Codere Online to the same stature it enjoys in the offline world. We are proud to have such a prestigious, powerhouse client.