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The Company

Slotomania is the #1 brand of free slot games. It is one of many games of Playtika, a global social gaming powerhouse with 22M monthly active users.


Slotomania started out as a Facebook game and branched out to stand-alone iOS and Android mobile apps. Slotomania took the classic slot machine game and transformed it to a one-of-a-kind social gaming experience with millions of active users from all around the world.


Doing SEO for


Playtika approached us with a very distinct KPI – increase the organic traffic to


An analysis of the Slotomania site produced two obvious flaws:


  1. It was very thin content-wise
  2. The backlink portfolio was lacking in focus


Our first order of business was creating, from scratch, detailed and comprehensive content for the three main landing pages on the site. We wrote unique content that supports the SEO needs of each of the pages, while adhering to the Slotomania’s brand.


The first revamped landing page to go live was the Free Slot Games page. Once the content was indexed by Google, we saw an instant jump on three fronts:

  • Ranking of existing keywords
  • Number of keywords the page is ranked for
  • Organic traffic to the landing page


We then moved to the second phase – link building. Based on the initial ‘content’ jumps in ranking we started creating targeted backlinks to the page in order to further push specific keyword clusters.


The link-building campaign proved again to be an amazingly effective strategy – when done right – to boost search results ranking and increase organic traffic to the site.


In three months we increased the organic traffic to the target page by 450%.


We then repeated the same content-link building strategy for the other two landing pages.




In the highly competitive space of social gaming we were able to deliver fast and impressive results to one of the world’s most successful gaming brands.


We’ve done that relying on our in-house developed SEO platform that gives us a unique edge in prospecting and outreach, as well as analytical capabilities and singular link monitoring tool.


Combined that with our breakthrough understanding of how content is being evaluated by Google and you’ve got a winning SEO formula.