Clients / GuruShots

Described as “The World’s Greatest Photography Game” GuruShots is an online social gaming platform for photographers, amateurs and professionals alike.


GuruShots offers real-time photography challenges that are curated by award-winning photographers. The pro photographers create a topical challenge and open it to the community to submit their topic-related shots.


Examples for challenges can be: Faceless Portraits, Words & Letters, Repetition & Patterns, Shadow Streaks, People at Work and so on. Basically, any topic that the challenge creators find visually interesting and… challenging.


Community members submit their own photos, comment and vote on other photographs submitted. The challenge creators act as mentors to the community, offering advice, tips and critique on the submitted shots.


The challenges act as both photography game – awards are given for the winners of each challenge – and an educational opportunity for photographers to hone their skills and receive recognition for their creative output.


SEO & Content Services

GuruShots is a unique and challenging client as it does not offer a traditional “product” or “service” to its audience. In the same way, we at eTraffic need to find creative and social-esq ways to drive targeted traffic to the GuruShots’ site.


We apply a combination of highly technical SEO strategies, segmented outreach efforts and creative content marketing to achieve GuruShots’ goal of ranking high on their relevant keywords and search terms.


Anecdote Time

The word GURU comes from the Sanskrit word गुरु. It can be translated simply as “teacher”, but the Indian contextual meaning is more nuanced than that.


A guru is someone that indeed like a teacher has knowledge on a specific subject, but also acts as a “counselor, a sort of parent of mind and soul, who helps mold values and experiential knowledge as much as specific knowledge, an exemplar in life, an inspirational source and who reveals the meaning of life.” as explains Joel Mlecko is his 1982 book, The Guru in Hindu Tradition.


Since the rise of the internet, the word guru in English has been somewhat abused, and is at times self-inscribed but those who wish to exhume an air of importance.