Clients / Premier Dead Sea

The Company


Premier Dead Sea develops and manufactures high-end skincare products derived exclusively from the Dead Sea. Premier’s team of scientists and skincare professionals utilizes the highly concentrated minerals found in the Dead Sea to produce unique, and highly regarded skin and health care products.


The company sells its products all over the globe, which are immensely coveted where the Dead Sea isn’t in reach. The company of course is situated in Israel. They have won numerous international awards and received rave reviews for their innovative skincare research and products.



SEO and Content Services


Premier has been a client of eTraffic since 2013. As to all our other clients, we have been running an intensive SEO campaign to improve the company’s showing in the search engines, targeting a wide array of related search terms and key words.


Premier holds a unique challenge from SEO-perspective since the company operates many international sites in various languages. Premier has a main brand site, a US site, a European site and both dedicated German and Russian sites.


The challenge is to keep a content consistency across all the sites, making sure they all communicate with the same terms and phrasings and together push forward the Premier brand.


Anecdote Time


The Dead Sea is called in Hebrew The Salt Sea; it is indeed very salty. The Dead Sea has a 33.7% of salt in its water, which is 10 times saltier than ordinary sea water. Taken as a whole, there are about 37 billion tons (74,000 billion pounds) of salt in the Dead Sea.


The average American consumes about 1,996 pounds of salt per year, about one ton. It’s up to you to try to figure out how many years it would take Americans to consume the entire salt bed of the Dead Sea…