Clients / Upstream Commerce

The Company

Upstream Commerce is a NY-based company that offers competitive pricing technology and a wide array of analytical intelligence solution for both brick and mortar retailers and online ones. The company’s mission is to transform the way the business of selling is being conducted around the world, in light of the heightened competitive market.


Upstream Commerce delivers automated, real-time data to retailers to help them increase sales, grow profit margins using their leading price optimization software. Some of Upstream Commerce clients include Toys-R-Us, Staples, Woodcraft, Shoebuy,and eBags, among others.


SEO and Content Services

eTraffic has been working with Upstream Commerce since 2011 providing them ongoing SEO and content services.

Since Upstream Commerce is a service provider that its business is about selling it service, we focus with them on improving their onsite conversion rates.


Operating an SEO campaign for the B2B market holds its own challenges. Each of the search terms and key words hold a much smaller volume, and it is required to target a much wider number of them and in a more specific wording.


Also, the targeted content we’ve been creating for Upstream Commerce is intended for professionals and thus needs to be accurate, knowledgeable and written in the proper jargon customary in the industry.


Anecdote Time

It is a well-known fact that salmon and trout swim upstream. It became nature’s equivalent to ‘uphill struggle’. But the reason behind this adventurous trait is not a character building exercise by those pinkish fish, rather an evolutionary one.


Salmon are spawned in rivers, enjoying the freshwater at a younger age. When they mature a bit they swim their way to the open sea, where they spend most of their adult lives, build up their body mass.


Then time comes for the big circle of life – to spawn, and that’s when the salmon, using their incredible sense of smell hone on their place of birth, to spawn their own.


All rivers run to the sea right? So there you have it, swimming upstream to spawn at the exact spot where they were spawned.