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Zing Events is a new site with an ambitious goal – to map the world’s wellness events and present them to health-and-fitness conscious travelers in a simple, intuitive way, allowing them to search the planet by location, date, type of event and more to plan their next wellness vacation.


In order to achieve that, the Zing team developed a unique search engine that collects wellness events from all around the web and organizes them in a super convenient way for users. The need for such a site is apparent – currently, searching for a wellness event, be it a vacation retreat of a weekend workshop, is a daunting task.



Doing SEO for


Zing approached us in a very early stage, while their website was still in development. They wanted our help with two things:


  1. Optimize the architecture of the website so that it can support hundreds of traffic-generating pages
  2. Once the site goes live, create a broad as possible exposure in relevant online communities while pushing specific keywords up the search results


Onsite Optimization

For the first phase, the onsite optimization, we created for Zing an expanding website architecture that automatically generates new pages based on users’ search queries. This allows Zing to continuously captures more and more organic traffic of specific longtail keywords.


Offsite Exposure

For the second phase, the offsite exposure, we decided to first focus on one type of events – Acro Yoga. Understand the field in-depth before moving on to the rest.


We created a dedicated page on Zing for Acro Yoga workshops & retreats as well as weekend intensives,, festivals and teacher trainings. Acro Yoga is a niche within the larger scope of yoga, a practice that combines acrobatics and therapeutics elements with a highly enthusiastic community.


We set our targets on capturing the attention of the Acro Yoga community wherever they are online, and creating a strong and wide backlink portfolio for the category page.




Zing have far-reaching goal and we are thrilled to be such an integral part of achieving this goal – becoming the world’s most prominent platform for finding & planning wellness vacations.