Best Social Group Buying Sites For Every Day Deals & Discounts


Group buying sites and platforms use collective bargaining strength and provide handsome local deals and offers to their users. These coupons are worth huge discounts that can boost consumers’ savings and promise incredible numbers of sales to the merchant in contact. So, both the user and the supplier get benefited.

Since no one is at the losing end, these sites have become mass-market and lucrative for everyone. Almost every group buying website provides limited-time daily deals and vouchers that can be redeemed to avail discounts as big as 50% for a wide number of products and services. Therefore, the deals are short-span and sell off real quick.

In this article, we have listed the best group buying websites that you can visit to explore exciting deals. If you are a local business owner and want to broaden your consumer base, consider our tips for group buying local business owners. If you are aware of any other social group-buying site other than the ones mentioned below, do share your experience and learning by dropping a comment below.

1 – Groupon
Groupon is the first site from where the group discount trend originated. Groupon has a wider network of users as it is available in more U.S cities than any other site. It is well funded and offers a large number of local group coupons to its users.

Nearly every day, a fresh deal is posted for each major city in the U.S.A, and if the threshold of minimum buyers is crossed, the deal is activated. You can buy this deal then and there; however, if the limit of a minimum number of buyers isn’t reached and the deal doesn’t get activated, you will not be charged.

Groupon can be used like cash to purchase products from local stores or avail the huge discount for the products and services. You can also gift it to your friends or buy Groupon gift certificates that can be used for any Groupon purchase in the future.

2 – Dealster
Dealster is a broad group buying site that is expanded to fifty major cities throughout the U.S.A. Recently, this site added Adility deal coupons to their inventory. Dealster notifies its members about the daily deals to buy the deal and vouchers redeemable at the stores it is eligible for.

This site also offers a Dealster credit worth 10 dollars that can be utilized to buy group deal vouchers from their website. You can also gift your coupons to your family and friends via an easy transfer.

3 – BuyWithMe
BuyWithMe provides the users with striking daily deals on the web page and promotes them through the social media platform to increase group-buying engagement and obtain deep discounts for their users.

They put out daily deals that are of benefit to both the local merchants and the users. This site is 100% fraud-free and involves no risk as the deal gets canceled in case the business owner fails to obtain desired profit.

4 – LivingSocial
LivingSocial is a rewarding group deal website that provides daily deal coupons from partaking local merchants in the area. They also have a feature that allows you to share the daily deal offers with your friends, making this site more beneficial. Putting it simply, you receive a link upon signing up; if you share this link with your friends and three of them buy a deal using your link, then you get that deal for free.

To make things easier, LivingSocial also has its app on the apple store to browse the daily deals and receive timely notifications. The only limitation is that this app is available in a handful of major U.S cities currently; however, you can always count on their website.

5 – CrowdSavings
CrowdSavings assembles a huge online engagement of people to generate a collective bargain that generates handsome daily deals for the users. This site works more or less like Groupon, where you can enjoy glam deals and buy gift coupons for your friends. However, this site is limited to a small number of cities in the U.S.A.

6 – HomeRun
A remarkable social buying spot that allows users to own virtual money in a credit to encourage users’ actions on their site. Get free credits by promoting and sharing HomeRun. This credit can be utilized to buy daily deals or earn them for free.

They also have a feature named the HomeRun beginner’s luck that allows the user to navigate and enjoy multiple deals for the first 1 month. You can get your hands on lucky deals that include products at zero cost from local eateries and bars.

In addition to that, there is one more special feature that is the Private Reserve section, which piles up exclusive offers to the most valued HomeRun members. To become a part of this reserve, gain several HomeRun points as specified by doing simple tasks actions such as circulating a deal, inviting your contacts, and engaging with HomeRun users.

7 – TownHog
TownHog is a newly launched San Francisco-based group buying website. TownHog provides you amazing deals and sends you a voucher via email at the end of the sale to buy products and services. You can print and use this voucher to avail of weighted discounts. TownHog allows you to recommend a local business from where you wish you receive good deals.

8 – SocailBuy
If you don’t have time to browse through websites to pick daily deals, subscribe to SocialBuy. Here, you will be notified about hot deals across the city through emails. You will receive deals for food, drinks, health products, entertainment, and much more.

Earn socialBucks by referring SocialBuy to your family and friends. One socialBuck is worth 1$ towards a SocialBuy purchase. This site also provides rewards points once you get enrolled in their membership rewards program. Refer Socialbuy to your friends and earn up to 50 rewards per month.

9 – PriceBunch
Similar to other group discount sites, this site provides you an opportunity to circulate deals within your family and friends that profit you, as well as help PriceBunch to reach its target buyers. If you doubt any deal, you can simply read the reviews and testimonials displayed at their site that can help you make a risk-free purchase. Like other sites, this one is also limited to a few cities in the U.S.

10 – Yipit
Yipit is a social group buying aggregator that showcases daily deals that feature on-site like Groupon and other sites as per your preferences. You can receive worthy deals from bars, spas, restaurants, to sports attractions in your mailbox without any effort.

11 – Twongo
Twongo is a group buying deal platform that utilizes the potential of group buying to grab surprising discounts on local purchases and services. Twongo gives you features like delivering regular notifications by email, live assistance by web chat, and a user interaction forum. They also have Twongo charities, where a fraction of their earning is devoted to NGOs.

12 – MyDailyThread
If you want to benefit from breakthrough bonuses, use MyDailyThread to surplus profit on your daily purchases and get free manicures and appetizers. Breakthrough bonuses are provided when a large number of sales are being accomplished. This group buying site offers bumper deals from bars, retailers to spas and sports.

13 – BloomSpot
This is a similar group coupon service that delivers deep discounts and savings vouchers from several local merchants. You can grab rich deals on BloomSpot and save money. However, this service is available only in a couple of cities in the United States.

14 – Scoop St.
Scoop St. is a New York-based group-buying site that supplies deals offered by NY merchants only. You can choose from a wide array of offers ranging from sports, hair care to health, food, and much more. Scoop St. is looking forward to expanding its business beyond New York to other cities in the U.S.A. however, when and where is not yet revealed.

15 – SwoopOff
SwoopOff serves only in Los Angeles. ScoopOff provides you daily deals bestowed by businesses all around LA. You can take advantage of their deals and save your coins. Daily deal alerts and vouchers are sent via email to all the users.

16 – GroopSwoop
This group deal site features local merchants that provide the users with the ability to leverage combine purchasing power and unlock great discounts on many local products and services. Currently, group swoop is only available in San Francisco.

17 – EverSave
EverSave is a site where users can reach out for exciting deals, discounts, coupons, and vouchers daily. Visitors are provided with details about every deal on the website. There is a comment box as well to share experiences and give feedback. After purchasing a desirable voucher, you can print it or use the coupon code to relish discounts and purchase products and services.

18 – eWinWin
This group buying point uses platforms like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter to inform people about their exclusive deals and offers. eWinWin headquarters are based in Tampa, Florida. You can buy incredible deals through your credit card and boost your savings by availing of heavy discounts.

19 – FlyCoupon
FlyCoupon is available to a huge number of buyers across several cities in the U.S.A. They bring forth deals on food, drinks, and entertainment ticket at discounted rates. You can also refer to several reliable reviews and feedbacks from previous users and make an informed decision about a deal.

Wrapping-Up In A Wink
So now you are familiar with all the group buying websites out there. Check whether which all group deal sites serve in your city and then choose the best one for yourself. Enhance your savings by relishing heavy discounts on products like food, drinks, cosmetics, sports, and services like manicures, entertainment, and a lot more.